Indoor Digital Billboard Advertising

Be seen thousands of times per month per location on our network of large format, high definition indoor digital billboards in restaurants, gyms and college campuses such as Florida State University and Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University.

Reach Students & Young Professionals

Target millions of students & young professionals with our indoor digital billboard network to create new customers.

Engaging Content

Our network of indoor digital billboards not only displays your advertisements, but also engaging dynamic content such as news, weather, fun facts, social media and Google Hot Searches feeds.

15-Second Reservation Spot

Captiveyes Advertising sells a 15-second spot in a maximum of a 10 minute loop, per location on our indoor digital billboard network. Update your creative at any time with either a still image or fully produced video commercial.

Generate New Customers & Promote Brand Recognition

Since 2006, Captiveyes Advertising has been a leader in alternative out-of-home advertising space. Learn how we help our clients gain brand alignment & recognition on college campuses and in local communities. 

Campus Advertising for Brand Alignment

Brand Alignment

Align your brand with our collegiate partners and local businesses. Let your existing and new customers know that you support their communities.

Advertising for Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Generate new customers for your brand or local business by advertising to the hard-to-reach student & young professionals market.

Customers Recognize Your Brand through Campus Advertising

Brand Recognition

It is a long-established fact that people buy from businesses they know. Local businesses know that their customer base changes every 4 years. National brands want a share of wallet. Establish your company in the forefront of your potential customers mind.

Engage with Customers


Break through the clutter and engage your new customers in their everyday lives.

Get Found with Captiveyes Advertising

Advertise to students and young professionals on campuses, in gyms, and restaurants to stand out from the crowd on our network of location-based advertising platforms.

Improved Brand Awareness

Captiveyes allows you to establish your brand with students as soon as they hit the market to capture the largest share of these student wallets while in college, and after they leave.  

Laser-Targeted Advertising

As exclusive location-based advertising partners of our collegiate and location partners. We put you right where your customers go.