wifi hotspot advertising

Landing Page

Landing Page

AD Page

AD Page

Ad page is shown for ten seconds before a person can connect to the Wi-Fi

There is a max of eight ads placed per Wi-Fi location

Customer Clicks On Ad

Customer clicks on ad

Direct customer to your website or landing page

Set up a promotion

View Results

View results!

indoor billboard Advertising

Advertisement Example

You get: 15 second ad reservation spot in a 10 minute Loop

engaging content

Weather, news (local & national), hot searches feed, and movie ratings


Social media integration

Digital billboard sizes

46 inches, 40 inches, and 32 inches for smaller locations

Campus billboards

Parking Garage Billboard Example


These are print billboards that can be found in the exterior and interior of high traffic university parking garages.

Billboard Sizes

8ft X 4ft or 6ft X 3ft

when you advertise with us you...

image description

Get Noticed

Stand out from the crowd and gain new customers.

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Interact with customers through our advertising platform.



Target millions of local consumers by age groups, gender, or choose the entire demographic.

Collect Data

Collect Data

Know who is interacting with your brand.

We are Trusted by many...but here are just a few.

Become a host

because you don’t have to stop at advertising

By becoming a host you can drive sales, deliver relevant content, integrate social media and automate marketing actions to your clients.

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Advertising platform locations

In Tallahassee you will find:


Available Locations

12 M+

Impressions a Month

3.4 M+

Monthly Traffic

Digital Billboards

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Campus Billboards

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