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Campus Advertising can Increase Your Profits
Get More Customer Traffic
Build Brand Affinity
Campus Advertising

We help your brand target hard to reach students on campuses and in surrounding locations.

Since 2006 we have partnered with brands to advertise in Tallahassee on campuses and at gyms, restaurants, and doctors offices. 

Grow your business with us!

Build brand affinity, increase customer traffic, and support your local campus by sponsoring campus billboards, directional signage, and roadside marquees.

Integrate your brand into students' lives. Drive business to your off-campus business.

Advertise to students on campus or in surrounding locations such as gyms, restaurants or doctors offices in high traffic areas. 

High Traffic
High Visibility
Brand Alignment

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Captiveyes Advertising specializes in alternative out-of-home advertising on campuses and at gyms, bars, and restaurants in college towns. We help local & national advertisers target hard-to-reach 18-24 and 25-35 year-old’s in their daily lives. 

Campus Advertising

Get noticed by advertising on campuses on map signage, directional signage, roadside marquee’s, indoor digital billboards, and parking garage billboards. 

Indoor Digital Billboard Advertising

Advertise in high-traffic locations such as gyms, restaurants, bars, and college campuses. Be seen thousands of times per month, per location. 

WiFi Hotspot Advertising

Advertise in high-traffic locations such as gyms, restaurants, and bars. Be seen every time a person logs into the WiFi at participating locations. 

Parking Garage Billboard Advertising

Advertise in high traffic parking garages on  8′ x 4′ and/or 10′ x 5′ interior or exterior parking garage billboards on campuses and in public parking garages.  

Campus Advertising Host

Discover the advantages of becoming a host location or collegiate partner.

Learn how a partnership with Captiveyes Advertising can create new revenue opportunities, communication channels, and emergency alert systems for your organization. 

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Watch our impact video about campus advertising on parking garage billboards.

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